Our Web3 Projects

We create handy Web3 tools designed to streamline and enhance your experience with NFTs. Our solutions are tailored to simplify the complexities of the NFT ecosystem, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Committed to transparency, all our code is open-source.

Need RichLists for your project? We can help. Each project may have one or more chains, each representing a rich list containing multiple collections. This dedicated webpage allows holders to access the rich list, showcasing the NFTs held by wallets across these collections. Additionally, a public API is provided to fetch real-time data for integration into other applications. For each chain/rich list, you can obtain different API URLs in two formats: JSON for programmatic access and pure HTML format for embedding as a table on your own website.

Starting at $10 p/m. Find out more on the website.



Our NFT Collections

We create original and fun NFT collections across multiple blockchain networks. Our diverse and imaginative collections capture the essence of digital art and collectibles, offering unique experiences for enthusiasts on various platforms. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the NFT space, our multi-chain collections ensure there's something exciting for everyone.


Let's kick things off with RipplePunks—it's our pride and joy, with the biggest community and the honor of being our first big hit! It's not just art, it's a symbol of our amazing community and our knack for making cool stuff.

RipplePunks has swiftly become one of the XRPL's largest collections, selling out within a remarkable two weeks.

Each punk has found its home, establishing RipplePunks as the derivative CryptoPunks collection from the Ethereum blockchain, solidifying its place in the world of blockchain art.


And don't miss Looney Luca on Ethereum—it's a cool collection that immerses you in the real-life adventures of a kid named Luca. But here's the twist—his two spirited sisters often make appearances as "properties," adding an extra layer of charm and familial dynamics to the collection.

Looney Luca
Looney Luca

Moreover, we've carefully curated backgrounds from places Luca has visited or holds significance to him, enriching each artwork with personal anecdotes and memories. It's not just a collection; it's a heartfelt journey through Luca's world, filled with laughter, mischief, and the warmth of family bonds.

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Next up, check out our Ethereum collections. They're like awesome spin-offs from CryptoPunks, full of creativity and created with code (PHP of course!).

LoadingPunks PipingPunks


And hey, get ready for BaseAliens on Base—it's a wild ride! Picture a spaceship grabbing 4,444 people from Ethereum and dropping them on a crazy planet called Base. It's like something out of a sci-fi movie!

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Open Source Code

We specialize in PHP, crafting top-notch web solutions using frameworks like Laravel, Laminas, and Symfony. Starting April 2024, we're embracing transparency and collaboration by making all our projects open source.

Why open source? We believe in community-driven development, fostering innovation and positive change in the tech landscape. Join us on this journey of continuous improvement!

Explore our open-source projects and discover how we can shape the future together. Plus, we're now diving into Web3 and NFT projects. Let's explore the possibilities and shape the digital economy together.

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Open Source Code


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Do You Have Mints ?!

Attention to holders of our NFT collections: we're pleased to provide you with a customized domain at [your-name].hasmints.com, designed specifically for displaying your NFT collections. If you're a holder of our NFTs and also a creator, feel free to reach out to us for your own custom domain.